How It Works

To initiate the debt review removal process,
we will assist with the following:


Assessment of Financial Situation:

An evaluation of your financial situation will determine if you are eligible for debt review removal. This typically involves reviewing your income, expenses, and outstanding debts and an investigation as to where in the debt review process you are.


Application for Debt Review Removal:

Our specialists will help you complete the necessary application forms to request the removal of your debt review status. These forms will be submitted to the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and the credit bureaus.


Submission of Supporting Documents:

Any supporting documents will be gathered and submitted as required by the NCR and credit bureaus. These documents may include proof of settled debts, updated credit reports, and proof of improved financial stability.



The specialist will verify the accuracy of the information provided and ensure that all required documentation is in order.


Notification to Creditors and Credit Bureaus:

Once the specialist is satisfied with the application, they will notify your creditors and the credit bureaus about your request for debt review removal.


Confirmation and Removal:

If the creditors and credit bureaus agree to the removal, your debt review status will be updated accordingly. The credit bureaus will remove the debt review flag from your credit profile, and you will no longer be considered under debt review.

It’s important to note that the process and requirements may vary depending on your individual circumstances and the specific debt review agreements. Working with a qualified debt counsellor throughout the process is highly recommended to ensure proper guidance and compliance with relevant regulations.

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